Monday, January 20, 2020

Week of January 20th

UAI Staff News

Volume VII
Issue 22
January 20th,  2020


No Staff Birthdays This Week.  

Congratulations to WattPad!!  Jen sent out an email on Friday listing out the winners of our first annual product design derby.   Many congrats to those who were finalists and to our first, second, and third place teams!  Our superintendent, Fred Walsh, was equally impressed.  He was particularly excited to see our young women found creative, technologically based solutions to issues of both big (like animal rights, racism, global warming, and depression), and less global (but equitably significant to them - like issues with Apps students use (like WattPad and SnapChat).  We look forward to continuing to refine the curriculum that Jen and Nadine worked hard to develop so that we can grow this opportunity for our students and others across the Urban Assembly.

To-Do This Week

High School Regents Week.  This week launches January Regents for the High School.  There are no classes for high school this week.  Please check Joanna's schedule to review your own and your advisees' shcedule for the week.  

Tuesday Family Outreach.  Please reach out to advisees on Tuesday to remind them that there is no school for students on Monday 27JAN20 (Chancellor's PD Day).

Monday PD.  The next PD day will be on Monday, 27JAN20 from 8:30-2:50PM.  We are still finalizing the agenda, and I will share that out in next week's blog.   We will be continuing our work around implicit bias and disproportionality.  In November, we analyzed our behavioral data to better understand how our biases unknowingly pop up.  Continuing in that thread, we will be looking at deficit thinking and analyzing academic outcomes to continue to uncover areas of unconscious bias.  In addition, we will be providing time for subject teams to meet to shape PD experiences for the spring.  Finally, part of the day will be dedicated to planning time to prepare for the launch of the Spring term.

New Schedule.   Schedule changes had to be put on hold until grades are submitted.  Please do not be late with grades.  If you miss the deadline, you will have to enter your own grades one at a time by hand.  This is because we have to reload the program, and there will be significant changes across many grades.  So, even if your classes are not changing, because they are a part of a larger program that IS changing, STARS and SKEDULA will see it all as new.  So, Thursday 23JAN at 3pm is a HARD deadline for this round of grading. 

Marking Period 3 Grades.  As a reminder, for the high school, MP3 is credit bearing.  Any student earning a passing grade at the end of MP3, will earn at least half of the credit for your annualized course, even if they end up failing in June.  As a result, you may only use ONE grade to indicate failure and that is the 55 or F.  All passing grades are integers >65 (unless you're a Pass/Fail class, in which case you will use only P or F). 

Social-Emotional Learning Updates

Per Session Opportunities

No new postings this week.


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