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Week of March 3rd

UAI Staff News

Volume VII
Issue 27
March 3rd,  2020


Happy Birthdays to: 
Phillan 03MAR20 and Suzannah 05MAR20

Check our your March Not Madness Assignments!  This was too buried in last week's blog, so I decided to lead with it this week.  CLICK HERE to review your assignments for our March Not Madness series of Monday PDs.  Also, all teachers should review the Survey Questions prior to their Survey Focus group.

Field Trips.  During the first Survey Focus group, clearer communication came up as one of the things we could change to improve our community and culture at UAI.  Particularly, communication around Field Trips came up as a need.  We'll be adding a section on upcoming Field Trips to the blog and posting these trips in the UAI School Calendar to better improve communication in this area!
  • March Field TripsWe have several field trips coming up! If you are planning a trip, in addition to communicating with Annie, please remember to inform all relevant teachers via email when you schedule a field trip so plans can be made for missing students! So far these trips are approved for March:
    • March 5th - all 11th graders are out on two trips - Painting and College visit
    • March 5th - Nina is taking these students to Girl Day at City Tech
    • March 11th - Rebecca F and Laura are taking these students to the Met
    • March 26-27th - 11th graders (list tbd) on College overnight trip

Summer Opportunities & College Fair during MS and HS Lunch.  We are still looking for volunteers to come talk with students during their lunch period about your own college experiences and your personal journey to college, including your experiences outside of school (extra curricular clubs, sports, activities, jobs, etc.).  In addition, we're looking for staff to help us help our girls get involved in extra curricular activities both inside of UAI and outside of the school this spring and summer.  If you are interested and are willing to spend your lunch period on March 6th chatting with our wonderful young women, please reach out to Jen, Kiri, or Danielle I.

Important Dates.  As a reminder (see blog post of 24FEB for details), here are the important dates:
  • Week of March 9th We were spread thin with everyone out doing recruitment work last week.  So Spirit Week has been moved to next week!
  • Wednesday 04MAR20.  SAT Day
  • Saturday, 07MAR20.  Applicant Brunch and First Hiring Fair.  
  • Wednesday 11MAR20. UAI Awards Night & Girls Inc Marchfest.  
  • Sunday 08MAR through Thu 11MAR.  Kiri @ SXSW presenting with a  panel of principals 
  • Friday 13MAR20.  MP4 Ends.  MP4 grades will be due at 3PM on Wednesday 18MAR20.
  • Wednesday, 18MAR20.  Kelly hosts Affinity Schools Visit.  
  • Thursday 19MAR & Friday 20MAR.  Students Led Conferences and Spring Benchmarks.  
  • Wed 24MAR through Fri 26MAR.  NYS Middle School ELA Testing
  • Tuesday 07APR & 08APR.  The 10th graders go to Washington DC!
  • Wednesday 08APR.  The day before spring break, we will be havin.g a rapid dismissal. 

To-Do This Week

March Not Madness PD.  This Monday we will be kicking off our March Not-Madness Annual PD Series.  Here are the final assignments for the month!  See the blogpost from 24FEB for descriptions!

    Tuesday Outreach - Continue to Schedule SLCs.  Student Led Conferences are on March 19th and 20th.  Please begin scheduling SLC appointments for all of your advisees.  SLCs will be from 5-8PM on Thursday (19MAR20) evening and 12-2:50PM on Friday (20MAR20) afternoon.  As usual, Spring Benchmark exams will be happening on those days as well.  All appointments need to be scheduled by the end of Parent Outreach on Tuesday 10MAR20CLICK HERE to enter your appointments.  Try to have at least 1/2 of your advisory scheduled by the end of this Tuesday.

    SAT Day. This Wednesday the 10th graders will be taking the PSAT and the 11th graders will be taking the SAT.  9th and 12th graders will not be in school that day, and the middle school will have regularly programmed classes.  There are some room changes so all MS and HS teachers should review Joanna's SAT schedule to understand the program for the day.  Please CLICK HERE to see the schedule.

    Summer School.  Yes, you read that right!  We are beginning to gear up for summer school.  If you are interested in teaching some of all of summer school, please email Kiri by the end of next week (Friday 13MAR20).  These are the options
    • HS Credit Recovery.  Students complete work from failed classes to earn credit.
      • Mondays-Thursdays 1 hr per section + 1 hr of prep time each day (3 sections max or 4 hrs per day max)
        • Humanities Credit Recovery - must have SPED, ELA, or SS license
        • Math Sci Credit Recovery - must have SPED, Math or Sci license
        • PE Credit Recovery - must have PE or Dance license
    • MS Enrichment.  Students who are in the lowest 10% (citywide) of performance on the ELA or Math exams, will be mandated to attend enrichment for the middle school.  
      • Mondays-Thursdays 1.5 hrs per section +1 hr of prep time each day (2 sections max or 4 hrs per day max)
        • 6-8 ELA - must have ELA, SS or SPED license
        • 6-8 Math - must have Math, Sci, or SPED license
    • Regents Prep.   Students do test prep in preparation for August Regents.  Teachers signing up for Regents prep are signing up for test prep instruction, proctoring and grading.
      • Regents Prep is open to ONLY the following for the summer
        • CC Alg I, Earth Science, Living Environment, Global, USH, and English
        • There is no summer Regents Prep provided for GEO or ALG 2.  We will offer them if kids want to sign up, but we won't be able to fund prep for those this summer.

    Social-Emotional Learning Update

    Per Session Opportunities

    None this week.


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