Sunday, May 3, 2020

Week of 04MAY20

UAI Staff News

Volume VII
Issue 35
May 4th  2020


May the Fourth be with you!!
No Birthdays this Week!!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  This week is teacher appreciation week!  Teachers are not just the classroom titles, but they are all individuals who help others grow, develop, and learn new ideas and skills!  This week, we are celebrating all our of classroom teachers, counselors, deans, paraprofessionals, and secretarial support.  Together, we all work to best serve our young women, and help them find their voices and power so that they are ready to change the world in which we all live! CLICK HERE to see the full collection of quotes and pictures (I dug deep into the vault for some of these).

To-Do This Week

Continue to Update the Tracker.  By the 9AM on Tuesday, please update the Remote Learning Tracker with "M"s for any student who did not submit their 2nd graded assessment.  Remember, we're just looking for kids who didn't turn in anything for the core classes this go around.  Also, if she did finally end up submitting for Wednesday, please remove those Ms.

Submit Grades in PADs.  Thanks to Jennifer & Phil, we managed to keep the way you're able to submit your grades!  All grades are due by 3PM on Wednesday, May 6th.  Report cards will be generated on Thursday.  Advisors should distribute reports cards (via email or remind) to parents and students on Thursday and Friday.  Please join Kiri during office hours if you need assistance on how to separate the report cards into individual files for sharing.

Breakout Rooms.  Are you feeling bored by your lessons?   Do you want to play around with breakout rooms in a low stress, spit-balling environment?  Join Kiri during her noon office hours any day this week (except Thursday) to join her in playing around and learning a bit more about how to effectively use breakout rooms.

    Per Session Opportunity

    Tutoring & Outreach.  We are looking for at least one teacher per grade to coordinate and follow up on outreach for the grade team cohort (the 2/3 of the grade that are already participating - somewhat actively).  This teacher would then provide additional tutoring (e.g. organizational tutoring, individual instruction on accessing online instructional systems - GC and Zoom, and other necessary skills outside of the academic lessons that are getting in the way of successfully engaging all the time).  The goal is to ensure that students are independently and consistently submitting all assignments each week. This may mean staying on the phone with students as she completes assignments, in other words - getting her to actually DO the work, rather than talking about a plan to do the work.  At least 1 hour per day for at least 1 teacher per grade.  If you are interested, please email Kiri.


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