Monday, January 4, 2021

Week of January 4th

 UAI Staff News

Volume VIII
Issue 23
January 4th, 2021

Principal's Message

Welcome back from the winter recess everyone!  I do hope you were all able to find time to recharge & recenter.  As part of our collective new year's resolution, I hope we all find ways to create time within to claim this rest and recharge every day this year.  

As humans, we are naturally drawn to the problems and challenges ... to the things that we see are not quite right.  Then, as pedagogues, we are natural problem solvers .. trying to fix things and continually refine the challenges to be increasingly better.  Finally, as UAI staffers we are continually committed to working hard to uplift and support our students to thrive... a mission that is not without problems and challenges.  

The key to doing all of this well, we need to attend to our own mindsets, our own physical health, and our own motivations.  So, this week, as we launch into 2021 and relaunch our remote learning school, make space on your calendars to take at least a few minutes between each activity to stretch, walk, and breathe.  Then, make time in your week to step back from your choices and moves and move away from automaticity and towards reflective practice.  In so doing, we will all find our own sustainable and effective path to effectively supporting our students and their families!

Have a wonderful first school week of 2021, and I hope you find your joy this week!  

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Birthdays This Week

No Staff Birthdays this Week

Friday 01JAN;  Blessing (11), Ashley M (12), 
Saturday, 02JAN:  Anaia P (9)
Sunday, 03JAN:  Harmony A (7), Wedad (12)
Monday 04JAN: Zannyah (8)
Tuesday, 05JAN:  Fatima A (8)
Wednesday, 06JAN: Aya E (9), Alisia R (10)
Thursday, 07JAN - No Bdays
Friday 08JAN:  Jakiara G (9), Macadamia (9), Patricia D (11)


UAI Committee Updates.  

Staff Circles Committee (Members: Annie, Jennifer, Juelle, Marsha, & Nakita) No updates this week.

School Restructuring Committee (Members: Annie, Courtney, Jen, Kiri, Laura, Marsha, Nadine, Nina, and SarahM).  The SRC will meet on Monday 04JAN to plan out the spring topics and create a calendar to address school concerns about hiring, scheduling, and more!

The Equity Team (Suzannah, Nina, Elana, Kelly, Phillan, Annie, Nakita, Rebecca C, Damon, Ms. King (Kianna’s mom), Ms. Barnes (Alyssa’s mom), Ms. Martuscello (Veronica’s mom), Kianna King, Emily Payamps, Jerlai Tyner, Jamilah Alshawish, Salia Naschel).  No updates this week

Reconnection.  Take time in class and advisory this week to teach into routine and organizational skills.  We have all been away from our normal routines for over a week and a half.  Getting back into the computer saddle requires more intention and attention then getting back into the classroom seats.  Please prioritize connecting personally to your students in both your classes AND advisory, and listen to them to hear how they are doing & what they need so that you can understand what they need to be successful.

Weekly Grade Upload.  As a reminder, please upload your grades by the end of the day on Monday.  Progress and Participation categories need to have at least 1 grade per week.  By the end of today, students should have at least 6 grades in Progress and Participation.  There are 4 more weeks remaining in the marking period.  If you do not have 6 grades in those categories do not create assignments to meet the minimum. Rather, shift your planning to meet the goal of at least 1 participation or progress grade per week.   

Per Session Postings

To Apply for any of the following per session opportunities, please COMPLETE THIS FORM and email the appropriate point person listed in this posting.  

No postings this week

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