Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week of July 7th

UAI High School Staff News

Volume II
Issue 1
Week of July 7th, 2014


Summer School Starts! Monday, 07JUL14 is the first day of summer school.  This year, high school summer school will be held on the UAI garden level.  Jamie will be teaching math in Room B43, Micheal Stuart will be teaching Global Humanities in Room B45, Damon will be teaching Living Environment in B57, Doris will be teaching US Humanities in B53, and Mike Somersel will be working with our seniors who have yet to graduate to get them through their remaining Regents exams.  As an FYI, Phillan will be teaching the middle school out of B49 for the summer.  Ms. Channay will be in B31, and Girls Inc & Carrera will be operating elective High School summer programs out og B35, 404, and 402. Summer school runs Mondays through Thursdays 8:30-12:30.  There are 2 two-hour sections.   Summer school runs Monday 07JUL through Tuesday, 12AUG, with Regents exams on Wednesday, 13AUG and Thursday 13AUG.  Summer school runs only Mondays through Thursdays.  Summer school teachers can find their class lists by CLICKING HERE.  There will be changes as we iron out the usual start up wrinkles in every term.

Summer School Nuts and Bolts.  Kiri will be in on Monday to launch summer school.  Jen C. will be supervising UAI summer school from Tuesday, 08JUL through Tuesday 15JUL and Val will step in to supervise on Wednesday & Thursday 16&17JUL.  Kiri will be back on Monday 21JUL to supervise the remainder of High School summer school.  Channay in B31 (ext.83121) will be your point person for unlocking the bathroom for students, monitoring hall passing, and general dean support.  Carol will also be available for support in outreach to homes.  Additionally, Anthony Comuniello (Assistant Principal for all Summer Schools), and Aretha Jones (summer school secretary for all 7 summer schools in the building) will be providing additional support to all summer schools.  

Summer Instructional Points.  All classes need to launch responsibility teams this summer, focusing on the Regents exam (the majority of students are in summer school for Regent exams, and of those who need credit, they overwhelmingly also need the Regent exam).  On the first day of summer school, you should plan to give a diagnostic exam, which can be the Regent they just took in June.  Channay has copies available to you in the main office.   Unison Reading Groups and Conferences need to begin on the 2nd day.  Marianna and Darby are working with Jamie and Micheal, respectively, to help them set up their rooms as strong Learning Cultures classrooms.  So do stop by for ideas or help.  With a two-hour block, class structure should look something like this

  • 20 Min - Mini Lesson #1
  • 50 Min - Independent Work Time
          - 15 Min Unison Reading
          - 10 Min Conference #1
          - 10 Min Conference #2
          - 15 Min Learning Group/Table Share/another Unison/More Conferences (Teacher's Choice)
  • 10 Min - Share #1
  • 10 Min - Mini Lesson #2
  • 25 Min - Independent Work Time
          - 15 min Unison Reading
          -  10 Min Conference #3
  • 5 Min - Share #2

Summer School classes are strictly Pass/Fail, so final grades are only going to be P or F.  Schedula has been loaded for summer school and is up and running.  So, you'll need to use Schedula as your primary grading application this symmer.  Allan will be here on Monday 07JUL and maybe on Tuesday, depending on how much he needs to be here for set up.  You can use real numbers in Schedula, but when final upload comes, the grade must be P/F. 

There is some paper available, at least enough to start each one of your with a ream or two.  I just put in an order for 7 more boxes.  That way each of you will have a box for the summer.  You should be set for all other materials from existing school year materials.

The Summer's Events

  • Monday, 07JUL14. First Day of Summer School
  • Monday, 21JUL14,  Kiri returns from vacation
  • Tuesday, 12AUG14. Last day of Summer School
  • Wednesday, 13AUG14 - Thursday, 14AUG14. Regents Week

Per Session Opportunities

None this week.