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Week of September 25th

UAI Staff News

Volume V
Issue 5
September 25th, 2017
[School Days 13-17]

This Week's Announcements

Girls Inc. Updates! Girls Inc has partnered with Millie, a luxury brand clothing line. Some of our beloved middle school students were chosen to participate in a photo shoot, modeling clothing created especially with the Girls Inc mission to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold! Proceeds will support GINYC so click here to check them out! This Monday we start our official 2017-18 after-school year. We will be offering such exciting classes as knitting, guitar, cheerleading, step, dance, Media literacy, theater performance, homework help and much more!  

True Grit.  Our 11th cohort of NYU Engineering students are ending their first month of classes at Poly this week.  They are struggling!  This course is purposely put here at the start of their junior year to create a sheltered opportunity for them to develop the grit needed to thrive in their actual college years.  When you see our current cohort, give them some recognition for their hard work.  One crucial step to developing the persistence and resilience they need to is to recognize them  for the hard work that they are doing!  Give them a shout out in class, a high five in the halls, or maybe even just quiet side-conversation highlighting the specific achievements they've had in your class and at Poly!

  • Group T:  Nancy Adjalla, Taylor Anderson, Ojeida Austin, Shaquanna Bearam, Daneya Burroughs
  • Group U: Shamina Chowdhury, Nesma Elazzab, Tasmin Emu, Fatoumata Jobe, Anaya Jordan
  • Group S:  Dianni Libert, Nia Matthew, Tamara Noel-George, Deana Patterson, Laura St. Victor

Things To Do This Week

Monday PD and Curriculum Night Progressive Dinner.  We will be meeting in room 409 at 3PM to prepare for our Curriculum Night Progressive Dinner.  As a reminder, this is one of the four parent-conference that are mandated for all staff this year (September Curriculum Night, November SLCs, March SLCs, and May Springfest).  We'll be reviewing the schedule during PD, and preparation expectations which include

  • Course Syllabus and Current Unit Plan - Please be prepared to share your course syllabus and current unit plan (student facing contract) so that parents can understand your course expectations and current, specific due dates.  Final versions will be collected at the end of Monday PD so the office staff can make packets for parents.
  • Bulletin Boards.  You will have time during PD to prepare hall and classroom bulletin boards to showcase your course and student work.  This first parent event is our opportunity to welcome parents into their child's learning environment.  The bulletin boards are only the first impressions that they will have.  It's important that we make them good impressions.
  • Mini-Activities and Parent Q & A.   For the evening, you will be organized by grade teams. Each team will have two rooms - one for humanities teachers (ELA, Social Studies, Language) and one for math and science teachers.  Multigrade teachers for Art, Dance and PE will have their own section as will Girls Inc.  You will also have time on Monday with your grade-partners to plan a mini-activity for parents and prepare for a brief Q & A.  

Observations.  As an ongoing reminder, Annie, Val, and I will be looking in the following folders for your planning materials and to evaluate your performance in Domain 1.  Please make sure these materials are uploaded into the correct folders.  Please see Brodie for support in getting your files uploaded.

PLOPs.  Next Monday is the first Monday of the month.  We will be meeting in 409 in grade teams to write PLOPS (present level of performance) for our students who have annual reviews coming up in October.  This year, the first Monday of the month will be dedicated to this activity for upcoming IEP reviews.  Take this week to begin gathering your observations and data on the following students. Please access SESIS (using your DOE credentials) to read their current IEPs.  This will help you reflect on their present levels of performance.  In addition to these students, teams should review data and observations on students who they believe may need to have an initial evaluation.
  • 8th Grade:  Amanda Smith
  • 9th Grade:  Shaunji Herring, Taerica Grant
  • 10th Grade:  Samantha Woods, Chinaza Hayes
  • 11th Grade:  Mia Green, Destiney Shepherd Wroten
  • 12th Grade:  Tarheeb Gadelrab

SEL This Week

Effective Collaboration.  In Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) this week, 6th and 9th grade students began their focus on effective collaboration skills. They opened their lessons on collaboration with a team-building "paper tower challenge" similar to the one we did as a staff using balloons.

Over the upcoming weeks, students will be developing and practicing 4 main collaboration skills, in order to support their work in partners and groups in your classes:
  1. Provide equal opportunities for everyone to speak
  2. Assume your group members mean well (presume positive intent)
  3. Be open-minded to the opinions of others
  4. Disagree without being disagreeable
If you're asking students to work in a group and you see them struggling with getting along, please try to remind them to practice these 4 skills!

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Week of September 18th

UAI Staff News

Volume V
Issue 4
September 18th, 2017
[School Days 10-12]


Posse Semi-Finalists. Three of our seniors, Fatima Ejaz, Tiara Coleman, and Ana Marinez have been selected to advance to the Posse Foundation Semi-Finals. If you see them in the halls, please give them a big round of applause for their achievement thus far and wish them well on the next rounds.  Posse partner colleges and universities award Posse Scholars four-year, full-tuition leadership scholarships.  The transition to college is a huge one for all freshmen, but it is particularly challenging for students like ours. Posse identifies public high school students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential. Posse gives students the opportunity to pursue personal and academic excellence by placing them in supportive, multicultural teams— or Posses—of 10 students.   Wish Fatima, Tiara, and Ana the best of luck as they move ahead in this rigorous selection process!

Girls Inc After-School Launch. Girls Inc is kicking off this week with an amended after-school program on Monday,  18SEP17 from 2:50-4:00PM.  The after-school orientation for families will be held on Wednesday, 20SEP17 at 5PM. During your outreach calls on Tuesday, please inform parents that they are invited to come with their child to complete applications and learn more about our after-school programming. Please encourage our girls to get involved to explore their interests and take advantage of all the great programming offered them through Girls Inc to make them strong, smart, and bold!   Special Note:  Students cannot attend without a fully completed application packet. Students can get applications in the main office, and applications should be left in the Girls Inc mailbox in the main office

Things To Do This Week

Monday PD.  Like last week, we will begin meeting in our planning pairs at 3PM.  However, today, you will plan straight through to 4:20PM.  Please use this time to make sure this week's lessons, unit plans, and pacing calendars are complete and uploaded.  This is where we go to collect lessons and evaluate planning when we conduct your observations.  LDC Teachers, you need only provide me a link to your LDC collection and/or modules.

Advisory Meetings Tuesday.  You should be beginning your one-on-one meetings with Advisees this Tuesday.  Please make your schedule (who are you meeting on which Tuesdays) and email to Kiri by the end of the day on Tuesday. 

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Week of September 11

UAI Staff News

Volume V
Issue 3
September 11th, 2017
[School Days 5-9]

This Week's Memories

11th Graders Get Oriented to their
College Engineering Class at NYU
First Days of School.  Congratulations on a very smooth opening and some pretty wonderful first few days of school!  From a personal perspective, it felt wonderful to be back in a classroom and teaching alongside Jamie!  It's such a privilege to be doing this work alongside each of you.  It's such important, world-changing work that we do.  Ever onward towards excellence!

September 11th.  16 years ago, New York was scarred by the worst terrorist attack on mainland American soil.  Most of our students were not even born.  For them, it is a piece of history.  For many of us, it is a part of our memories.  Our job as teachers is to help the future remember and to help the future learn from the experiences of the past. Honor the memories of those that lost their lives on 9/11/01, and find inspiration in the future that sits before you in classes every day!

Things To Do This Week

Monday PD.  Please begin PD with your planning partners at 3PM.  You can decide your own planning spaces, but please email Kiri & Annie your locations.  Kiri will be coming around to meet briefly with planning pods to check in on Observation Selections and Goals.  Please make sure to complete this form before Monday PD.  At 4PM, we will all reconvene in room 409 for a brief review of some nuts and bolts for school policies and procedures.  Check the UAI School Calendar below for the agendas for each Monday PD.

Teacher Work Space in 201.  There is a newly created teacher space in room 201.  If you and/or your planning partners and in need of space to plan, lesson rehearse, or just eat lunch, drop by room 201!

Helping Our Custodians.  Carlos, Harry, and the team did an incredible job preparing our building for launch this year.  To maintain this, we need to help!  Please make sure that students put the chairs up on the desks at the end of the last period of the day.  Also, please enforce the rule that no food is allowed upstairs.  We had a major problem with stored packages of food (ketchup, sugar packets, etc.).  Please do not store these in your classrooms or offices without putting them in a tightly sealed container.

Nuts and Bolts Reminders.  Here are a few quick reminders as we settle back into the routines of the school year:

            • Bathroom use - bathrooms are closed at the first and last 10 minutes of class.  Please remind students until they get used to the idea.  
            • Passes - Students may not leave the class either for bathroom or otherwise without a pass. There should only be one student out of the class at a time.
            • Hall Presence - Please be at your classroom doors to welcome students to class.  It eases transitions and ensures that they arrive in your class welcomed and ready to learn.
            • Classroom Removal - please do not send students out of your rooms to the deans. Please call the deans at 30211, and they will come to your room to provide assistance.

Advisory Meetings Begin Tuesday.  On Tuesday, please reach out to introduce yourself by phone to all of your advisees.  Please log your calls in Skedula (when you called, who you spoke to, and the gist of the conversation.  Each time you contact home, you need to log it in Skedula.  There are three main goals for these introductory phone calls are
              • Connect with your advisees' families.  Make sure you have an accurate phone number and email for your advisee's family.  Introduce yourself and your role (advisor and teacher) with the student.  In
              • Explain the advisory structure.  You will be reaching out to each family at least once per marking period to have an open dialogue about your advisee's academic and social emotional development.  Parents should be encouraged to reach out as often as they like, but once a marking period on Tuesday afternoon, they should expect a meeting with you.  (In person if student requires intervention, by phone if student is academically and socially on track).
              • Invite to our Progressive Dinner on Tuesday, 26SEP17 from 5-8PM.  Our first parent night of the year (this is a required date for staff - so save the date!) is a welcoming event that gives an overview of the school and an introduction to parents of what students will be learning this year.  This will be the same format as our Progressive Dinner last spring, but we will give you more details as we get closer to the date.

First Observations.  Observations will begin this week.  Please don't forget to complete this form. Kiri will be coming around on Monday during PD to confirm your selections and your goals.  For the first round of observations, we will be rating 1A for everyone, particularly your planning documents (1A and 1D, planning and prep).  Please make sure that your curriculum map, unit plan.  For those of you who came in during the prep time in August, these documents must be complete and uploaded before I sign off on per session!  If you are having any problems with uploading, please see Mr. George or Mr. Brodie for technical support!

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Week of September 5th

UAI Staff News

Volume V
Issue 2
September 4th, 2017

This Week's Memories

Kiri's Principal Message. This post marks the first official weekly staff message of the year.  Last week, I had the opportunity to briefly catch up with many of you.  It was great seeing so many of you after summer vacation!

2017-2018 is UAI's 12th year, and it is the first year that we are repeating a complete cycle.  Our mission from day one was to empower young women through STEM education.  The goal has always been focused on preparing our students to succeed in college and beyond.  Through our partnerships with the Urban Assembly, Girls Inc and NYU Tandon School of Engineering (formerly, NYU Poly), UAI's aim has always been to round out our students' experience.  By pairing challenging academic courses with the social emotional learning and real-world experiences, our young women will develop the balance of skills and knowledge that propel them to college completion.For the last 11 years, this mission has always just been an idea, and our vision.  This year is the first year that our mission begins to recur and grow.  Now that we have finally completed it, we can begin the work of refining and improvement.

Tomorrow I will share with you the goals and visions for this year as we launch our PD for the year. I am excited to bring together our team and to launch our work to bring our best for our students and their families.  Our mission has never been so important as it is today, in today's social and political climate.  Our job is not easy, but when we commit and when we turn to each other for support, we will accomplish real change in helping our students become the future that we all desperately need.

Things To Do This Week

PD Agendas.  See below for the agendas on Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday, Sept. 5th, 2017

  • 8:30-9:00      Breakfast
  • 9:00-9:30      Welcome and Overview for the Day
  • 9:30-10:00    Introductions and Icebreakers
  • 10:00-10:30  State of the School Address & Goals for the Year
  • 10:30-10:45  Break
    • 10:45-11:45  Programs and Initiatives for the Year
          • School Culture (Jen)
          • Advisory and Parent Engagement Time (Kiri)
          • Operations (Brodie)
          • The For Alls: College Access (Martine & Danielle), Math (Jamie)
    • 11:45-12:45 Lunch
    • 12:45-2:00   Instructional Planning
          • Please bring your Curriculum Map, Unit Plan, and Pacing Calendar
    • 2:00-2:50     Independent Work Time and Classroom Set Up
    Wednesday, Sept. 6th, 2017
    • 8:30-9:00       Breakfast
    • 9:00-9:30       The Importance of the Lesson Plan
    • 9:30-11:00     Lesson Planning for the first Unit
    • 11:00-12:00   Lunch
    • 12:00-1:30     Lesson Rehearsals
    • 1:30-2:00       Final Wrap and Share
    • 2:00-2:50       Independent Work Time and Classroom Set Up       

    Planning Document Links.
    Here are the links to the most up-to-date templates for your planning documents this year. Please make sure that you are using current versions.  Also is the link to the folder where you should upload these documents.  All templates are "view only" so you will have to save a copy into your own drive before you can edit.

    Add this calendar to your own!  See that little "+" sign in the bottom right-hand corner?  Click on it to have it show up in your personal google calendar!

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    UAI 2017-2018 Staff Organizational Chart

    2017-2018 Table of Organization

    School Leadership

    Kiri Soares, Principal
    Room 401 - ext. 40111; 

    Kiri Soares co-founded the Urban Assembly of Math and Science for Young Women in 2006.  Targeting the gender disparity of women in STEM fields, through nurturing their interest and developing their capabilities in math and science.  UAI pairs rigorous academic instruction with strong social emotional education to achieve this goal.  Kiri earned her BA in Philosophy & Education from UC Berkeley and completed two masters degrees (one in teaching from San Francisco State University and one in administration from Mercy College).  She has worked as a teacher, instructional coach, assistant principal, and principal in the NYCDOE since 1997.

    Jen Cusa, Director of School Culture
    Room 301 - ext. 30111:
    Jen Cusa is a licensed Master Social Worker and joined UAI in 2007. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a BA in Social Thought and Political Economy.  She went on to receive her masters Social Work from Hunter College. Jen's work emphasizes the implementation of social emotional learning practices and creating school-wide policies that promote positive learning environments. Jen supervises our team of counselors, social workers, and deans to provide structured SEL support and disciplinary structures to ensure student success.  Building on this SEL work, Jen also supervises our parent coordinator to facilitate strong family-school relationships.

    Annie Annunziato, Assistant Principal
    Room 201- ext. 20111; 
    Annie joined UAI in 2016 as a school dean.  A long-time Urban Assembly teacher, Annie is deeply familiar with our family of schools and the unique mission we all share in preparing students to graduate from both high school and college.  This year Annie takes on the role of Assistant Principal, leading the Artisan Teaching work with the history department.  Annie majored in history and graduated from the University of Minnesota.  With Kiri, Annie works to provide teachers and staff the pedagogical support and feedback needed to grow pedagogical practice and increase the quality of instruction across UAI.

    Val Binyard, Assistant Principal 
    Room 508 - ext. 50811;
    Val Binyard joined UAI in 2008 as a Special Education service provider. From the start, Val dedicated her work to supporting our neediest students and working closely with her peers to develop strategies and interventions that could be used for all.  This year Val will re-enter the classroom working closely with our 10th social studies and 11th grade science teachers.  In addition, her work will be focused on student recruitment and enrollment, STARS systems and support, and on supervising our Arts and ELL departments.

    School Support

    Supervisors:  Kiri Soares, Principal and Brodie Crawford, Director of Operations

    Brodie Crawford, Director of School Operations
    Rom 145 - ext. 14542;
    Brodie began teaching at UAI in 2007.  After 4 years as 7th grade Humanities teacher, Brodie moved to the high school, where he has been teaching 11th Grade US History & Government and 12th Grade Economics/Participation in Government.   After completing a BA in History at Loyola University in Maryland, Brodie attended grad school at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, where he earned a MPhil. in Modern History.  This year Brodie enters a new role in administrative support. As the Director of School Operations, Brodie will use his experience as a classroom teacher to best support instruction at UAI.

    Del Carey, School Secretary
    Room 145 - ext. 14521;
    Del Carey is a founding member of UAI.  She has been supporting our school since the doors opened in 2006.  Del is primarily responsible for all staff payroll, human resource support, and purchasing for teachers and staff at UAI.  As main office support, Del is one of the first faces you'll see when you enter our office and one of the first voices you'll hear when you call.  She is the proud mother of two amazing young men in college and is ready to happily help you whenever and for whatever you need!

    George Nathaniel, Technology Support
    Room B42 - ext B4211:
    George joined UAI in the spring of 2016. As the father of a former alum, George has known UAI for quite some time. George provides tech support for both UAI and our sister school in the building, the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice.  With over 15 computing devices in each classroom plus all of the administrative equipment, George has his hands full at UAI trying to keep our young students plugged into 21st century learning!

    Joanna Tirone, IEP Teacher and Testing Coordinator
    Room 149 - ext. 14911;
    Joanna joined UAI over 5 years ago as a middle school special ed teacher. For the last year two years, Joanna ran school testing in addition to supporting the school in special ed and ELL compliance.  This year, working with Brodie's support, Joanna takes the lead in supporting testing and special ed compliance for the school.
    Nancy Johanssen, School Secretary
    Room 145 - ext. 14522;
    Nancy joined UAI in 2010.  She shares the main office support work with Del and she is primarily responsible for providing our teachers and students with student accounting support (metrocards, updates to family contact information, medical record, lunch forms, and attendance).  Nancy is one of the first faces that welcome students and families to UAI (either via phone or in the main office).  She is the proud mother of two amazing children, and as a hobby, makes her own beautiful smelling air freshening sprays.

    School Culture
    Supervisor:  Jen Cusa, Director of School Culture

    School Counselors

    Danielle Insel, College Counselor
    Room B31 - ext. 83121;
    Danielle Insel joins us to grow our College Counseling office this year. After several years of providing college counseling to students in the Bronx, Danielle looks forward to expanding our college office support.  With Martine, Danielle will spearhead our work with College Access for All, a DOE initiative that is aimed at enhancing and expanding college readiness throughout the school. 

    Jennifer Jackson Robbins, School Counselor
    Room 304 - ext. 30431;
    Jennifer Jackson Robbins has been supporting our young women as their guidance counselor since 2009.  In addition to providing our students with IEPs with mandated counseling support, Jennifer also works with our incoming students to provide direct SEL instruction to help our students adjust and transition with strong, positive, pro-social skills.  Jennifer also coordinates Skedula and STARs support for the school.

    Lauren McGuinness, School Counselor
    Room 304 - ext. 30431;
    Lauren originally began counseling at UAI in 2012.  She largely worked with our middle school students providing mental health support.  This year Lauren returns to support our young students in developing SEL skills and strategies, and in providing next level guidance to recruit incoming students and help them acclimate to UAI and to help our matriculating students apply to high school.

    Marni Brand, School Social Worker
    Room 304 - ext. 30421;
    Marni first joined UAI as a part-time social worker in 2011.  Marni is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She graduated from the UMass - Amherst with a BA in Psychology and received her MA in Social Work from NYU. Marni began her career at Acorn Community High School in Brooklyn.  Marni has a passion for helping her students navigate through adolescence.  This year, we welcome Marni as a full-time member of our staff!

    Martine Mercier, College Counselor
    Room B31 - ext. 83121;
    Martine joined UAI in 2010 in her 3rd year of teaching.  As a special education provider, Martine excelled at helping her co-teachers modify high school curriculum to accommodate a wide variety of learning needs.  After several years of classroom teaching and one year as a dean), Martine returns to work with the seniors, preparing our students for college and beyond.

    School Deans

    Courtney Lemm, School Dean
    Room 302 - ext. 30211;
    Courtney joins us from our sister school, Unison.  As the director of their partner organization, Citizen Schools, Courtney worked to support student learning both in-day and after school.  This year, Courtney will lead our new work around proactively addressing student behavior by supporting teachers in class to establish clear expectations and to provide consistent and compassionate follow through when expectations are not met.

    Doris Twine, School Dean
    Room 302 - ext. 30211;
    Doris joined UAI as a dean in 2011. This year, Doris joins Courtney to provide staff with proactive support to increase student readiness to learn and classroom effectiveness.  Ms. Doris is the proud mother of her own teenage daughter, giving her perspective on her daily work. Combining empathy with high expectations, Ms. Doris supports our young women to consistently make positive, pro-social decisions that lead to academic success.
    Isaiah Blackburn, Assistant School Dean
    Room 302 - ext. 30211;
    Isaiah joins UAI this year to provide dean support for Doris and Courtney. Isaiah will provide on-going support for our school culture team to increase parent-teacher communication, support parent-teacher-student interactions so that our students can achieve their best in class.

    Parent Engagement

    Carol Jones, Parent Coordinator
    Room 145 - ext. 14553;
    Carol became UAI's first parent coordinator in 2008.  In addition to working as a key liaison between UAI and the homes of our students, Carol also works to support teachers and staff in effectively communicating with parents and families.  Carol also works closely with our PTA president, Mr. McLean to develop and execute a variety of activities that bring parents into our building and engage parents in our students' education and growth.

    NeQuan McLean, PTA President 
    Room 145 - ext. 14552; 
    Mr. McLean has been an actively involved parent at UAI for years.  In the last few years, as PTA president, Mr. McLean has worked tirelessly to transform the level of parent engagement at UAI.  Mr. McLean spearheads our fundraising activities and to develop events like "Bring Your Father to School Day" and "Health & Beauty Day with Mom" to foster strong relationships between families and school.  Mr. McLean volunteers at UAI two days a week and is always available via email.

    Girls Inc. 

    Vanessa Santiago, Director of Girls Inc. Programs at UAI
    Room 205 - ext. 20514;  
    Vanessa joined UAI Girls Inc. in 2016 to provide in-day and after school instruction for our in-day and after school students. This year Vanessa steps up to lead the Girls Inc. team to provide high-quality programming aimed at creating experiences to lead our young women to become strong, smart, and bold.

    Brittney, Program Coordinator of Girls Inc. Programs at UAI
    Room 205 - ext. 20514;  
    Brittany will be supporting Vanessa as the Program Coordinator for UAI.  She will be handling much of the organizational and administrative support to ensure that our in-day and after school programming proceeds smoothly.

    Classroom Instruction

    Arts Department
    Supervisors:  Kiri Soares, Principal and Val Binyard, Assistant Principal
    Sursattie Hariprashad Dance and FLSE
    Room 503 - ext. 50311;
    Sursattie joined our school staff in 2015 to teach middle school physical education and health.  After years of teaching at SLJ, Sursattie decided to join UAI to expand her skills in working with a single-gender population of students.  Sursattie will continue to focus her instruction on Dance for grades 6-12.

    Tracy Kornrich, Art and FLSE
    Room 205L - Ext. 20511;
    Tracy hails from Rochester, New York and moved to Brooklyn 34 years ago. When she's not in the classrom, Tracy is sailing her boat in Jamaica Bay during summers and racing it in winters out on Long Island. Tracy also enjoys gardening and making things. Tracy majored in dance and art and went to Geneseo State University and The Philadelphia College of Performing Arts. This will be Tracy's 10th year teaching Art at UAI.  Tracy also loves ice cream!

    English DepartmentSupervisors:  Kiri Soares, Principal and Annie Annunziato, Assistant Principal

    Cassandra Guerrier, 9th Grade English
    Room 409 - ext. 40911;
    Cassandra began teaching at UAI in 2016. She earned her B.A. in English with a minor in Secondary Education from St. Joseph's College and her M.A. in English from Brooklyn College.  Cassandra is dedicated to supporting her students' social-emotional growth while helping them develop the literacy skills necessary to thrive in high school and beyond. In her spare time, Cassandra dances, reads mystery novels and writes for women's magazines.
    Christina Choi, 7th & 9th Grade ICT English and ICT Social Studies
    Room 201 - ext. 20121;
    Christina joined UAI over 4 years ago. This year, Christina works with our 7th & 8th graders supporting their learning in our middle school ICT English and Social Studies classes. Christina is dedicated to helping our young women develop a love a reading and history, and become lifelong learners. Christina is also the proud mommy of a beautiful daughter.
    Diana Vlavianos, 11th and 12th Grade English
    Room B53 - ext. 85311;
    Diana is from Oyster Bay, Long Island, and has lived in Astoria, Manhattan, and Long Island for a little over 2 years now. Diana completed her undergraduate degree studying English and Creative Writing at Providence College, and earned he English Education at NYU for her graduate degree. Diana is excited to explore literary theory with her 11th and 12th graders this year (her first) at UAI, and learn from her students.
    Katherine Reid, 10th and 11th Grade English
    Room 403 - ext. 40311;
    Katherine recently moved to Brooklyn from Little Rock, Arkansas with her two kids. She has both her BA (English) and her MA (Secondary Education) from the University of Arkansas in Little Rock. This is her 5th year of teaching and her first year at UAI. She is excited about helping our students become smart, independent, hard-working women who will continue this ever rising spiral towards equality. 
    Kristina Coriarty, 7th grade English
    Room 407 - ext. 40711;
    Kristina is from Brockton, Massachusetts.  Kristina has lived in New York City for five years now, and this is Kristina's second year at UAI.  She has her BA in English from Stonehill College and is in graduate school at Pace University working on her MA in Adolescent Education.  Kristina is excited to continue to plan and teach units created with her planning partners, Christina and Marsha.
    Marsha Derice, 8th Grade English & LDC Lead Coach
    Room 305 - ext. 30511;
    Marsha was born and raised in Brooklyn.  This is Marsha's 8th year of teaching.  Marsha has both her BA (English) and MA (Secondary Education) from Adelphi University.  Last year Marsha chaired our curriculum redesign work with the Literacy Design Collaborative, leading to a double digit improvement in middle school test scores.  Marsha is very excited to see her first cohort of UAI students graduate from high school this June!

    Phillan Greaves, 6th Grade ICT Humanities & LDC Coach
    Room 311 - ext. 31111;
    Phillan joined UAI in 2011.  Prior to UAI she had been teaching in NYC public schools for 2 years. This is Phillan's 8th year of teaching.  Phillan is passionate about helping our younger and most struggling students succeed and grow.  She is also passionate about social justice and helping our young women develop their voice.  This year, Phillan will provide instructional support to our ELA teachers alongside Marsha & Rebecca.

    Rebecca Candela, 9th Gr. ELA & 12th Gr. AP ELA & LDC Lead Coach
    Room 409 - ext. 40911;
    Rebecca is originally from Michigan and has lived in NYC for almost 13 years.  This year is her 13th year teaching in NYC and this is my 6th year working at UAI.  This year she will be teaching 9th Grade English and 12th grade AP English.  With so much that is happening in our country and the world right now, Rebecca believes it's important to make all students aware of their power so they understand they're capable of real change.

    Sarah Moser, 6th Grade Humanities
    Room 311 - ext. 31111;
    Sarah joins UAI this year.  She will be teaching humanities alongside her mentor and coach, Ms. Phillan.  Sarah has her BA in English from the University of Delaware and her MA in Secondary Education for SUNY Stonybrook. 
    Tiffany Richards, 9th Grade ICT USH and ELA, and HS ICT ELA
    Room 507 - ext. 50711;
    Born and raised in Brooklyn. Tiffany received her BA in psychology from SUNY Old Westbury. She has attended grad school at Brooklyn College and PACE University. This school year, she will be working as a special education teacher in the English and US History. Tiffany is excited about reconnecting with, and building lasting relationships with her students and their families to ensure they have a successful school year.

    Instructional SupportSupervisors:  Kiri Soares, Principal and Val Binyard, Assistant Principal
    Jelissa Adams, Paraprofessional
    Room 201 - ext. 20121;
    Jelissa returns to her second year with UAI.  She is returning to provide our neediest students with one-on-one classroom support.  Jelissa is dedicated to making sure our students with disabilities have equal access to learning and have the necessary supports to be able to achieve in classes.

    Juelle Washington, Paraprofessional
    Room 201 - ext. 20121;
    Juelle joined UAI nearly 5 years ago as a classroom paraprofessional.  Very soon, Juelle will complete her own degree and she is excited about the prospect.  Juelle calm and persistent support provide our most struggling students with the individualized support they require to access learning in the classroom.  With her help, our students have pathways to academic success.
    Michelle Babick, ELL Support
    Room 147 - ext. 14711:
    Michelle began teaching in 2011 and joined UAI in 2014.  Michelle provides language support services for all of our students who are learning English. Michelle graduated from the University of California at Berkeley, and has a strong love for cats.

    Language Department
    Supervisors:  Kiri Soares, Principal and Annie Annunziato, Assistant Principal

    Elena Brollo, 10th & 12th Grade Spanish
    Room 407 - ext. 40711;
    Elena is a native Italian with a dual certification in teaching Italian and Spanish. She earned an interpreting and translating degree in Italy (Spanish and English) as well an MA in Italian and Spanish from Hunter College. She joined the UAI team in 2007. Elena brings creativity, cultural elements, and technology into the classroom to address the many learning styles as well as different needs and interests of her students.
    Giselle Vitaliti, 11th Grade Spanish and ICT English
    Room B57 - ext. 85711;
    Giselle is Argentian.  She has dual licenses in Special Education and Spanish.  Her main goal this year is to not only give her students the necessary skills to communicate in Spanish, but also to deepen their understandings of various Spanish speaking cultures.  

    Math DepartmentSupervisors:  Kiri Soares, Principal and Annie Annunziato, Assistant Principal

    Alison Green, Middle School Math ICT and 6th Gr. Science
    Room 309 - ext 30911;
    Alison was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She studied Sociology and Women's Studies at Alfred University before joining the NYC Teaching Fellows in 2003.  She's very excited to meet the incoming 6th grade class and begin her 5th year at UAI. This year she continues her role as an artisan coach and co-teacher in math and science classrooms. 
    Cherry Reid, 7th and 8th Grade Math
    Room 303 - ext. 30311;
    Cherry is originally from Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  Cherry has her BA from SUNY Albany, in Accounting with a minor in Business.  Cherry has two masters degrees from Brooklyn College.  Her first is in Early Childhood Education and her second in Middle School Mathematics. 2017-2018 will be my second year at UAI as the 7th and 8th grade Math teacher.  This is Cherry's 7th year as a teacher.  When she's not teaching, Cherry enjoys jigsaw puzzles and riding rollercoasters.

    Chris Galluzzo, 10th Grade Geometry and 12th Grade Statistics
    Room 51111 - ext. 51111;
    Chris comes to UAI this year from Boston, MA.  After several years of teaching math in Chestnut MA, Chris has decided to relocate to NYC and we are proud to welcome him to our UAI family.  Chris earned his BA in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics from Boston College.   

    Danielle Romano, High School Math ICT and Senior Advisor
    Room 511 - ext. 51111;
    Danielle began as a student teacher at UAI in 2011.  Danielle quickly adapted UAI's learning formats to maximize student engagement and access into complex math concepts. As a peer instructional coach, Danielle works with her colleagues to develop practice and pedagogy so all students at UAI have stronger and more engaging classroom learning experiences.

    Jamie Ross, 9th Grade Algebra and 12th grade College Algebra
    Room 405 - ext. 40511;
    Jamie began at UAI as a student teacher in 2012.  Currently, she will be working in partnership with Ms. Kiri to refine the CC Algebra curriculum and to inspire students in math as our 9th grade CC Algebra teacher. Jamie is originally from Buffalo and is currently finishing her Masters thesis in researching the use of technology to enrich classroom learning in math.

    Judy Cappuccio, 11th Grade Algebra II and 12th Grade Statistics
    Room B45 - ext. 84511;
    Judy joins us from the Teaching Fellows Program.  Judy completed both her undergraduate and graduate degrees at NYU Poly, and as such, has a personal connection to our partner, and our mission to empower young women through STEM.  Judy is excited to join UAI and to become part of our team as we continue to prepare our young women for college success and future careers in STEM fields.

    Matthew Turner, 6th Grade Math and 7th Grade ICT
    Room 309 - ext. 30911;
    Matthew grew up in a military family and moved a lot throughout childhood. Some of his favorite places growing up were Hawaii and Italy.  Matthew enjoys reading science fiction as well as playing board and computer games.  Matthew obtained his BA in Mathematics and a BA in Religious Studies from the University of South Florida. In December 2010, he moved to NYC and in the fall of 2015, he joined the staff at UAI.  

    Physical Education Department
    Supervisors:  Kiri Soares, Principal and Annie Annunziato, Assistant Principal

    Elana Green, Physical Education and PSAL Volleyball & Basketball
    Room 503- ext. 50311;
    Elana is originally from Brooklyn, NY.  After spending her summers of college coaching different basketball clinics, Elana decided to become a teacher.  This is her 8th year of teaching.  Elana earned both her BA (business) and MA (education) from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.  This year she will be teaching Health and Physical Education>  This year Elana is excited about teaching health and, of course coaching our PSAL Volleyball and Basketball teams (our Lady Eagles) to championships.

    Science Department
    Supervisors:  Kiri Soares, Principal and Annie Annunziato, Assistant Principal

    Amanda Nowicki, 10th & 12th Grade Earth Science
    Room 415 - ext. 41511; amandan@uainstiute.or
    Amanda is originally from Cochranville, PA.  Amanda earned her BA from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in Geology.  She attended the American Museum of Natural History’s challenging 15-month program to earn her MA in teaching. What excites Amanda most is all the fun projects she has planned for the classroom.  Her goal is to create a classroom that is a place of discovery and encouragement towards piecing together the "Big Picture".

    Damon Noland, 9th Grade Liv. Environment and 12th Grade AP Biology
    Room 515 - ext. 51511;
    Raised in the military, Damon moved to Brooklyn in 1988.  He has BAs in Acting and in TV/Radio Communications and an MA (Education) from Brooklyn College. Damon started teaching in 2011 and this is his 6th year teaching Living Environment. Damon is excited to teach AP Biology this year. Damon is also the UFT Chapter Chair. When not teaching, he loves playing basketball.  He also serves part-time with the NJ National Guard.

    Meaghan Haugaard, 6th Grade Science and 7th Grade ICT
    Room 309 - ext. 30911;
    Meaghan is originally from upstate New York.  She has her BA from SUNY Oneonta in Criminal Justice and Philosophy with a minor in Gender Studies.  Just last May, she earned her MA in Education from Long Island University.  This is Meaghan's second year at UAI and her first year with the 6th-grade team.  When not teaching, Meaghan enjoys cooking, hiking, and spending time with her niece.
    Megan Goodwin, 7th and 8th Grade Science
    Room 315 - ext. 31511;
    Megan was born and raised in Fresno, CA and graduated from San Jose State University with a BA in Child & Adolescent Development.  In the summer of 2014, she relocated to Brooklyn.  Before UAI, Megan worked in technology and corporate training and development for 6 years.  This is her first year at UAI teaching 7th & 8th grade Living Environment. In her spare time, she loves exploring new neighborhoods, trying out new recipes.

    Paula Collins, ICT Science grades 8, 9, 10, and 11
    Room 201 - ext. 20121;
    A native of Louisiana, Paula joined the New York City Teaching Fellows in 2009, after spending more than two decades in Houston teaching and performing as a classical pianist. In NYC schools, Paula has experienced District 75 schools, self-contained classrooms, and is now happy to start her second year in Learning Cultures at UAI as a Special Education Teacher for the 11th Grade.

    Tom Wilson*, Environmental Science, Grades 11 and 12
    Room B43 - ext. 84311;
    Supervisors:  Kiri Soares, Principal and Val Binyard, AP(Val  ICT Co-Teacher with 12th Sci.)
    Originally from Long Island, Tom graduated from Dowling College with a degree in earth science and secondary education. He is entering his 5th year as a teacher. His first two years teaching were spent as a Peace Corps volunteer in the rural, Sub Saharan Country of Malawi. Thomas will be teaching 11th and 12th grade environmental science classes this year. Outside of the classroom, Thomas enjoys endurance cycling/running and photography. 

    Social Studies DepartmentSupervisors:  Kiri Soares, Principal and Annie Annunziato, Assistant Principal

    Jake Cagle, 11th Gr. US History and 12th Gr. Economics/Government
    Room B49 - ext. 84911;
    Jake is new to UAI this year.  Having taught for social studies for four years in Houston Texas, Jake decided to move to New York.  Jake has his BA from Grand Valley State University in Allendale Michigan with a major in History and a minor in English.  Jake joins Kelly, Annie, and Kiri in their Artisan Teaching work in US History and is excited to begin working with our staff and preparing our young women for future success in college and beyond!

    Kelly Preston, 9th Gr. US History and 12th Gr. Economics/Government
    Kelly is from Round Lake, NY and just moved to NYC this year. Kelly has her BA (History and Adolescent Education) from SUNY Geneseo. Kelly received her Masters from Clarkson University while teaching social studies in a residential therapeutic treatment center for young women. Kelly will be teaching UAI's 9th graders about U.S. History and she is excited to help develop our students into informed, engaged citizens who advocate for themselves and their communities

    Natalie Rudolf, 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies
    Room 205C - ext. 20511;
    Natalie was born and raised NYC.  This is Natalie's 9th year in educating children.  Natalie has her BA in Education and Psychology and her MA in History, particularly World War II and New York Social History.  This is Natalie's 4th year at UAI, and she returns to teaching 7th and 8th grade history again this year.  She is looking forward to creating a more familial atmosphere at UAI and helping students embrace their passion for learning.

    Suzannah Tartan*, 10th Grade Global and 12th Grade Econ/Govt
    Room 509 - ext. 50911;
    Supervisors:  Kiri Soares, Principal and Val Binyard, AP (Val is teaching ICT Global)
    Suzannah is from Youngstown Ohio. Suzannah has 25 years of teaching experience.  She has taught ESL, history, composition and public speaking. Suzannah has a BA in Anthropology from Oberlin College; an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Illinois, Chicago; and an MS in Adolescent Education/Social Studies from Long Island University.  Next year she will be teaching 10th Grade Global 2 and 12th Econ/Government.