Sunday, October 31, 2021

Week of Nov 1st

UAI Staff News

Volume IX
Issue 10
November 1st, 2021

Principal Message

It's November!  While each hour seems endless & completely exhausting, there is a blessing in that the days and weeks seem to fly!  We are already in November, and before we know it, it will be Thanksgiving, then Christmas and then POOF!  - it's the end of the fall term.

There's a lot on the calendar this month.  
  • 02NOV21:  Our first official asynchronous learning day is tomorrow (Election Day)
  • 07NOV21:  Daylight Savings Ends (we all get an hour to sleep in!)
  • 08NOV21:  SPED PD with Phillan & SPED team (3PM in Library)
  • 09NOV21:  Grade Team Meeting & Attendance Review (3PM in Grade Tm Rooms)
  • 10NOV21 & 12NOV21:  Our Fall Family Conferences (see Announcements for details)
  • 11NOV21:  Veteran's Day - NO SCHOOL
  • 15NOV21 through 19NOV21:  Our first PowerUp week (see Announcements for deets)
  • 18NOV21:  Next Consultation Committee Meeting
  • 19NOV21:  End of Marking Period 1. 
  • 21NOV21:  Staff Potluck
  • 24NOV21:  Rapid Dismissal at 2PM for All Students
  • 25NOV21 & 26NOV21:  Thanksgiving Recess
  • 30NOV21:  PTA Zoom Meeting
It feels like a lot, I know.  However, keep in mind, we remain constant in our goal towards creating a warm and strong learning environment through continuing to build strong relationships with our students & families.  These relationships develop out of our constant feedback and care we give our students and the regular communication we share with our families.  Through constant feedback, students and families see that we care AND students (and teachers) improve our work towards mastery!

Be aware of all of the things that continually fly across our radar (like that huge list of happenings above), but remain focused on the end goal - our students' academic success through strong relationships and high expectations of learning.

Committee Updates

Equity Team.  No Updates this week

Circles Committee.  No Updates this week

Consultation Committee.  Elena is setting the agenda for the next Consultation Committee meeting which has been moved to November 18th at 3PM.  Please submit any items you'd like on the agenda to her.


Student PAG Meeting Updates.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with students to hear their concerns and issues this week.  I wanted to share back some of their feedback and let you know where we're moving with their issues and input!
  • Cleaner Bathrooms.  All students complained about the status of the bathrooms and that sanitary products and tiny trashcans were not located inside the stalls or bathrooms.  We will be working with our custodial staff to finalize a bathroom schedule for cleaning that is more frequent and regular.  We do have problems with some students misusing sanitary products (e.g. plastering them to the mirror).  So we're going to work on an education campaign (e.g. posters to hang in the stalls, lessons in advisory) to go along with including the products in the bathrooms.  

  • Vending Machine & Water Fountain.  All students across all different PAGS unilaterally requested a vending machine and one of those water fountains that allow you to fill up a water bottle.  Dai is currently working on purchasing at least one of each right now, and we hope to have more information on when we can expect those to arrive/be installed by the end of next week.

  • Classroom Engagement and Feeling Heard.  Several students across the PAGs did mention that they sometimes feel bored and/or dismissed in their classes.  
    • Refine your lesson plans.  In your planning teams, continue to work collaboratively to find ways to increase the thinking and engagement in your lessons.  Some lessons will be better than others in terms of impact and student engagement.  Pay attention to those that work and with your planning partners, figure out what is working and why so you can carry it into future lessons.  
    • Feedback and Active Listening.  In addition, the more you increase in-class feedback in your classroom, the more you will be able to show students you see and hear them.  When students only feel that their role in the class is to passively receive information, it makes it difficult for them to see where their voices matter.  Lessons need to have opportunities for students to show learning and share their voice and perspective.  Make sure you are listening to learn from your students and that you're using your own active listening skills to show them that you hear them.

  • Lockers.  Finally, the last theme across the PAGs was that students want to use the lockers.  Jen sent out a notice earlier this week.  Before we can distribute lockers, we need all students to remove their stuff from the lockers.  Please message to your advisees this week in advisory and also post on Google Classrooms as a constant reminder that ALL lockers must be emptied and locks removed no later than Friday.  Starting next week, any locker with a lock will be considered abandoned.  We will clip those locks and put any items in the locker in the trash.  Once all lockers are emptied and cleaned, we will begin assigning student lockers - targeted for the week of November 15th.


To Do This Week

It's Shopping Time.  Please use ShopDoe to submit your orders for the Spring Term.  Submit your order requests to THIS folder by 30NOV21.  We are aiming to enter all submitted orders before the winter break so that items arrive by the start of the Spring Term.  I know it seems so far in advance, but everything in the DOE moves slowly, so we have to create a timeline to accommodate for this.  

<<REPOST>>UAI teachers choice due TOMORROW Nov 1.  All staff have $250 to spend for UAI classroom/office supplies.   Staff will be reimbursed up to $250 (tax is not reimbursable, so please get the tax exempt paperwork from Del - or be prepared to pay tax yourself).  All receipts are due on next Monday at 3PM.  To submit receipts
  • Tape All Receipts to a 8.5x11 piece(s) of paper.  Try to get as many on one page as possible to be visible, but definitely use as many pieces as necessary.  Write your name, the date, and "UAI Teacher's Choice" at the top of each page (and include page number and total pages at the top of each page).
  • Scan the Page(s) into a PDF.  You can download any Scanner App on your to scan to a PDF and email the pdf to yourself.
  • Complete the UAI Teacher's Choice Form.  Please complete THIS FORM no later than 3pm on November 1st.
Please note - UAI Teacher's Choice is NOT the same as the DOE funds.  DOE funds will be due later this fall.  Please be on time with this form.  There will be no extensions. 

Election Day Schedule. All staff work from home.  Students work Asynchronously.
  • Agenda
    (Note - All PD Days are 6 hours and 50 minutes in length.  Tomorrow, all staff will have 90 minutes of programmed time with the full staff, and then the rest of the day will be staff-directed work time to accomplish the To Do list.)
    • 8:30-11:00AM - Independent Work Time
      • Take Student Attendance
      • Begin completing the DESSA for each Advisee
      • Begin Schedule Parent Conferences
      • Sign up for Fall Observation
      • Begin Uploading Grades
      • Lesson Plan and Provide Feedback
        • Also - submit order for spring supplies
    • 11:00-12:30PM
    • (Passcode: D9stZG)
      • 11:00-11:15- Announcements
      • 11:15-12:15- Staff Circles
      • 12:15-12:30- DESSA Review

    • 12:30-3:20PM
      • Submit List of Absent Students
      • Finish the DESSA 
      • Finish Scheduling Parent Conferences
      • Finish Uploading Grades
      • Continue Lesson Planning and Providing Feedback
  • To do by the End of Election Day
    • ~10-30 minutes Take Student Attendance 
      • Send Your Own Google Attendance Form to your Advisees and then mark them present in Skedula when they respond.
      • Call/Text Students who do not complete form by 10AM
      • Submit List of Absent Students to this form by 1PM

    • ~45-60 minutes Complete the DESSA 
      • Follow these DESSA directions or each of your Advisees.
      • Review this deck that Jen Shared out earlier to learn more about the DESSA.

    • ~30-45 minutes Schedule Parent Conferences 
      • Call and Schedule Advisees for Family Conferences via Zoom
      • Complete this Appointment Form

    • ~ 5-10 minutes Sign Up for your Fall Observation
    • Upload Grades, Provide Student Feedback, and Continue Planning
      • Marking Period 1 ends after parent conferences.  So students will be using your feedback and posted progress & performance grades in Skedula to reflect on their growth and achievement.  If you have not already done so, please make sure you have posted Progress and Performance grades in Skedula by the end of the day on Tuesday.  In addition, please make sure students are receiving regular feedback (verbal and/or in writing) to use to improve their skills and content knowledge. 

Per Session Postings

  • No New Postings This Week


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