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Week of June 13th

UAI Staff News

Volume IX
Issue 35
June 13th, 2022

Many Thanks.  As we bring this year to a close, several of our community are also bringing their time at UAI to a close.  After these last few roller coaster years of pandemic schooling, change is inevitable for folks.  Each of us has grown and changed over these last few years, and our community has grown, too.  

Many of the folks who are leaving are moving on to spread their wings in new roles and to take what they've learned at UAI to continue their own growth in new places, and to grow and flourish in their new communities.  Those schools & programs are lucky to have each of you, and you will each shine in a myriad of ways that will honor the growth you have achieved while with UAI, and the talents that you have honed in your work with our community.

Some folks have not yet landed their next steps, but are looking to find roles that best match their skills, pedagogy, and next steps in their career growth.  While they have not yet landed a positions, I am sure schools will snap them up soon.   This year is certainly a teacher's market, and I am sure these folks will have their pick of positions!   They are not required to share their professional plans, and so I greatly appreciate their openness in sharing their process.  Their position is theirs until they choose to leave, but sharing their process allows us to be ready with the highest quality candidates for our students, if or when they find their best matched school!  Thank you and best of luck!  

Finally, one special person is leaving the DOE to pursue different challenges in retirement and alternate careers outside of the city.  Doris' many years with NYCDOE and at UAI have been full of so much wonder and amazingness.  You have given so much and will be sorely missed!

To all of you who are moving on....
Thank you to all that have done, given, and contributed to our students, families and school.   
Best of luck to you on your next chapter!!
You will be missed and you will always be appreciated!


Important dates this month & next. 

  • Monday, 13JUN. Final Full Staff Meeting
    • Cell Phone Policy Meeting with Joey
  • Tuesday, 14JUN:  Last day of classes grades 8-11

  • Week of 15JUN-24JUN:  
  • Thursday, 16JUN:  High School Graduation at 11AM @ City Tech
    • Meet up at Randolph Bar afterwords for a school celebration
    • Friday, 17JUN:  Last Day for Teachers Going on Vacation!
    • Monday, 20JUN:  Juneteenth - NO SCHOOL

    • Monday, 27JUN:  Last Day for Students 

    • Tuesday, 28JUN:  Last Day for Staff (Remote Day!!)

    Committee Updates

    Scheduling Committee. You can see the agenda and notes here.  

    The Hiring Committee.  Our next fair is On June 21st at 12PM  Please SHARE OUT THIS FLIER to anyone you know who may be looking for a job in teaching next year!   
      • You can always view our notes and decisions on THIS DOC

    Equity Team. No New updates this week.  Agenda

    Circles Committee.  No Updates this week

    Consultation Committee.   See consultation committee notes.   

    Instructional Leadership Team.   Committee Notes and Agenda


    Last Monday Full Staff Meeting.  The Circle Committee reported out on Thursday during PD day, and our Hiring Committee will report out on June 28th during our final zoom.  For Monday's PD, an ad-hoc team of folks who took initiative to revamp the UAI Cellphone policy will use our PD time to discuss their work with the staff.  Joey took the lead in this work to spearhead a process to develop a fix for an issue that folks have been struggling with all year (Thank you Joey- way to step up!).  He has been working with Annie and the deans to find ways to gather input from various constituencies and to revise our existing policy so that all voices are reflected and most importantly, instruction for kids and teachers is maximized, limiting the distraction and disruption of phones.  The group asked for Monday PD time to work with staff, and we moved Hiring and Circles to make this happen.  Grades 8-12 staff should meet in room 515.  Grades 6 & 7 staff should meet in B49.

    Middle School Schedule.  Here's the schedule for the remainder of the year
    • Wed, 15JUN - AM - normal classes; PM - ELA Portfolio Work
    • Thu, 16JUN - AM - normal classes:  10:45 - Attend HS Graduation: 1PM - Return for Movies
    • Fri, 17JUN - No Classes for 7th Graders - Released for Earth Science Regent
                     6th Graders - Trip (Field Day)
    • Mon, 20JUN - Juneteenth Observed- No School
    • Tue, 21JUN - AM - normal classes; PM - Math Portfolio Work
    • Wed, 22JUN - AM/PM Normal Classes
    • Thu, 23JUN - AM/PM Normal Classes
    • Fri, 24JUN - AM/PM Normal Classes
      (I know there's a trip somewhere in these last three days, but I forgot what we said!  Which day was it?)
    Regents Week Intervention Work & Proctoring Assignments.  Please review Regents Week Intervention Assignments and the June Proctoring Schedule.   

    • For Interventions
      • Support students in completed linked assessments, providing intervention and support instruction where needed.
      • Once students have completed al tasks they no longer need to attend, please remove them from the intervention list and update Skedula to a passing grade.
      • Teachers should call home during these outreach periods if students do not arrive to intervention class on time.
    • Please review the proctor schedule daily.  We will be making shifts and changes and student needs shift.


    To Do This Week

    This is the stuff that requires your attention AND it's stuff you need to do!

    Review Intervention Assignments.  Please Review the intervention assignments with your students (BOTH your advisees AND those students who need to come to your intervention group).  

    Advisory To Do  
    • Final Course Selection.  Brodie will be emailing student course selections to advisors for advisors to review with their students on Tuesday.  If students want to change their courses please have them COMPLETE THIS FORM by Tuesday, 14JUN22.

    • Regents Exam Registration.  Advisors should review exam schedule with Advisees this week.  FYI - Earth Science Practicum is happening during the day THIS FRIDAY 10JUN21 (Special Schedule to follow).  Please see the "Exam Roster" tab on the Regents Week scheduleAdvisors can review students's performance on the Mock Regents, but that is not required.  If a student is on the list and no longer wants to take the test, email Kelly to deregister them.  If a student is not on the list and wants to take an exam, email Kelly to register them.

    Promote Summer School.  If you know students who are looking for something fun to do this summer, look below for all the teachers who are running summer programs.  Send the kids their way to get a jump on summer enrollment!

    Turn in Per Session on Time.  We are closing out the 2022-2023 school year budget.  That means the final per session period for all teachers will be June 1-15th (with some exceptions - but email Kiri if you have an exception).  Please do NOT be late with your per session.  Please plan to turn your final per session sheet in next Tuesday.  

    Per Session Postings

    Please complete THIS PER SESSION INTEREST FORM and email Kiri to let her know that you are applying for a per session position.

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