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Week of June 6th

UAI Staff News

Volume IX
June 6th, 2022

Staffing Stories.  It has taken some time, and I totally forgot to announce last week, but I want to make it a big point to congratulate our very own Ms. J!!  As many of you know, Ms. Doris is retiring (this time for reals!) and will be moving out of NYC after June.  We will speak more and do more for Ms. Doris in the weeks to come, but this post is aimed at welcoming J!

Over the course of this year, Ms. J has really stood out in her role as assistant dean.  In her duties, Ms. J has always found ways to support our kids who find themselves at the wrong end of some bad decisions, and to support our staff in helping those very same kids learn from those very same bad choices.... As with all things - we never are perfect, but Ms. J definitely had great impact and helped so many!

Going above and beyond her role, Ms. J took it upon herself to form a group that met regularly with a group of our students who were stuck in a cycle of bad choices.  Through her love and guidance, several of them were able to break free of those patterns, and are now much less often in the halls, in conflict, or causing disruptions in class.  Way to go J.

Because of her amazing work, her continuous contributions to our school community (often above and beyond her role as dean) and her commitment to our staff, kids and their families, I was over the moon when J said she would be interested in more. When Doris confirmed her retirement to me earlier this spring, J moving into the role of college counselor really did seem like it was meant to be!

J- I am thrilled to welcome you as the newest counselor at UAI.  I know you've already been working seamlessly with the team all year, and I cannot wait to see that same energy, strength, love, and zeal brought to our college counseling team!  Congrats J!!!!

And Doris.... no matter how often you say to me no... We're going to do something for you soon - xoxoxoxxoxooxxoo-k 


Important dates this month & next. 

  • Wednesday, 01JUN:  Regular Classes - Trips Encouraged!

  • Monday, 06JUN: 
    • Full Staff Meeting
  • Tuesday, 07JUN:  Final Day of Regular Classes for Seniors
    • Senior Course Tracking Document
    • Teachers MUST confirm with Kiri any student failing their class by EOD 06JUN22
      Teachers MUST have made contact with home to inform family of course failure and inability to graduate (if applicable).

  • Thursday, 09JUN:  Brooklyn Queens Day - Remote PD Day
    • 8:30-10AM Full Staff Meeting (Via Zoom) Agenda to Follow
    • 10AM-2:50PM - Independent Work Time to Submit The Following by End of Day
      • Skedula updated with grades
      • MP4 Failures Listed on Summer Doc
      • Final List of Assignments (with Links) Failing Students Need To Complete
  • Monday, 13JUN. Final Full Staff Meeting
    • Final Circles Committee Report
    • Final Hiring Committee Report
  • Tuesday, 14JUN:  Last day of classes grades 8-11

  • Thursday, 16JUN:  High School Graduation at 11AM @ City Tech
    • 6th & 7th grade student & teachers will attend!!
      • Exact schedule TBD
    • Exact Assignments for all staff TBD

  • Week of 15JUN-24JUN:  Regents Schedule

  • Friday, 17JUN:  Last Day for Teachers Going on Vacation!
  • Monday, 20JUN:  Juneteenth - NO SCHOOL

  • Tuesday 21JUN:  Middle School Portfolio (ELA/MATH) week begins (Schedule TBD)

  • Monday, 27JUN:  Last Day for Students 

  • Tuesday, 28JUN:  Last Day for Staff (Remote Day!!)

Committee Updates

Scheduling Committee. See TO DO below.  You can see the agenda and notes here.  

The Hiring Committee.  Our next fair is On June 9th at 1PM  Please SHARE OUT THIS FLIER to anyone you know who may be looking for a job in teaching next year!   
    • You can always view our notes and decisions on THIS DOC

Equity Team. No New updates this week.  Agenda

Circles Committee.  No Updates this week

Consultation Committee.   See consultation committee notes.   

Instructional Leadership Team. Mock Regents dates have been set (see below for details).  Also, all teachers with formal observations should be meeting with their ILT leader to prepare for their final observations with Kiri & Annie.  Committee Notes and Agenda


Monday Full Staff Meetings.  On Monday, we will once again meet in the library to continue our work to build up our general community connections.  This will continue each Monday for the remainder of the year.  For the upcoming Mondays, here are the topics of the meetings.
  • 06JUN - Regents Schedule Review for HS Staff - No meeting for MS Staff
    (swapped 06 and 13JUN due to trip schedules and teachers being out)
    • DESSA Rating Time

  • 13JUN - Final Staff Circle Report & Hiring Committee Report
Small Group Progress Updates.  Students who are going to fail your course will be assigned to work with you during programmed intervention periods during Regents week.  Please see below for Small Group Updates.

Summer Programming.  As I've mentioned many times in earlier blogs, Summer Rising (the DOE's new name for summer school) is redefining what summer school is.  The DOE is really pushing an innovation around summer that emphasizes multiple forms of learning - not only academic remediation.   What that means for UAI - 
  • UAI Summer Splash will be enrichment courses in Social Justice, Summer Steam, our own brand of UAI SYEP, and the Arts.  
  • Girls Inc Summer School will offer an onsite camp to all of our middle school students from 9-3:30PM each day.  
Students who require Academic Intervention have a spot reserved for them in our in-day program, but they are only mandated to participate in the virtual programming.

All students participating in the in-person Summer Splash can receive up to 3 elective credits, plus have loads of fun and pad those college resumes with summer experiences!  Please encourage all of your students to have summer plans, and promote our UAI Summer Splash as an opportunity for that!

Summer School Teachers Needed for Summer Rising Program.  Joining our campus this summer are two new middle schools (Dock Street and Bridges).  They are hosting a more traditional mandated summer program from 8:30-12:00, Mon-Thu from 05JUL thru 12AUG.  If you are interested in working some or part of that time, please let Kiri know.  They really need teachers!


To Do This Week

This is the stuff that requires your attention AND it's stuff you need to do!

Do Small Group Final UPDATES.  Please update your small group students' progress by entering a P or F in the yellow column o you expect the student to pass your course by the last day of classes (06JUN for Seniors, 14JUN for 8th-11th graders, and 24JUN for 6th & 7th Grade), please enter P.  If no passing, please enter F.

For students who will fail, please identify BOTH the tasks (assignments and/or assessments) along with the relevant answer keys or rubrics that failing students must complete in the final weeks of June and in our July Summer Session in order to earn credit.  You will have time to complete this task on Thursday, 09JUN, but final lists of failing students and their required task lists are due at the end of the day on Thursday.  If the tasks are on your Google Classroom, please make sure that Kelly, Brodie, Annie, and Kiri are shared on your Google Classroom as instructors.  We will be managing summer programs.

Failing students will begin working on these assignments with their course teachers during assigned intervention periods during Regents Week.  Please see teacher schedule to see those periods.  

Advisory To Do  
  • Final Course Selection.  Brodie will be emailing student course selections to advisors for advisors to review with their students on Tuesday.  If students want to change their courses please have them COMPLETE THIS FORM by Tuesday, 14JUN22.

  • Regents Exam Registration.  Advisors should review exam schedule with Advisees this week.  FYI - Earth Science Practicum is happening during the day THIS FRIDAY 10JUN21 (Special Schedule to follow).  Please see the "Exam Roster" tab on the Regents Week scheduleAdvisors can review students's performance on the Mock Regents, but that is not required.  If a student is on the list and no longer wants to take the test, email Kelly to deregister them.  If a student is not on the list and wants to take an exam, email Kelly to register them.

Promote Summer School.  If you know students who are looking for something fun to do this summer, look below for all the teachers who are running summer programs.  Send the kids their way to get a jump on summer enrollment!

Turn in Per Session on Time.  We are closing out the 2022-2023 school year budget.  That means the final per session period for all teachers will be June 1-15th (with some exceptions - but email Kiri if you have an exception).  Please do NOT be late with your per session.  Please plan to turn your final per session sheet in next Tuesday.  

Per Session Postings

Please complete THIS PER SESSION INTEREST FORM and email Kiri to let her know that you are applying for a per session position.

School Organization.   We are now ready to begin organizing stuff! Dai will be supervising all efforts, but I've appointed chiefs of certain areas to work with her.  

Science Supplies Chief - Liza with Team:  Judy, Tom, Sarah R, Nina, Phillan
Student Schwag Supplies Chief - Kelly with Team:  Jen, Elena, Aisha

2022 UAI SUMMER Camp.  


  1. Jenetta (Summer School Coordinator, Social Justice Course) - Staffed - Social Justice Course
  2. Kelly (Summer School Coordinator, Regents Prep Coordinator) - Staffed (Summer/Regents Coordinator)
  3. Jelissa (SYEP, Student Recruitment) - Staffed - SYEP coordinator, Student Recruitment
  4. Adelle (Student Recruitment) - Student Recruitment
  5. Freida (Summer Arts Elective) = Staffed Summer Arts Elective
  6. Nina (Regents Prep) - Staffed - Regents Prep
  7. Nicole (SYEP, Student Recruitment)- Staffed - SYEP Support,Student Recruitment
  8. Juelle (Student Recruitment) - Staff Student Recruitment
  9. Brodie (Summer School Administrator) - Staffed - Summer School Admin
  10. Shana (STEAM Summer Elective) - Staffed - STEAM Summer Elective
  11. Rebecca (Pottery with a Wheel)- Staffed - Pottery
  12. Olympia (Creative Writing) - Staffed - Creative Writing

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